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Motul now available for Bike enthusiasts!


Motul now available for Bike enthusiasts!

Motul now available for Bike enthusiasts!

The leader in fluids and lubricants for Motorbikes is launching a unique new range dedicated to Bicycles.

For 170 years, Motul has built a unique legitimacy with the most enthusiasts and demanding riders, with a reputation for performance and protection. This has been built through a passion for excellence and challenges, a strong ground presence reflecting the brand’s engagement, and a willingness to confront some of the biggest technological and human challenges.

The Bicycle market is not only booming, it is also a fantastic mix of passion, a very modern and efficient way to move, share, exercise, and much more. A mix of tradition, technology and passion.

The new Motul Bike line introduces is made of highly effective and environmentally friendly products.

Each product has been specifically designed with the Motul expertise and experience in two wheels. It will be the first ever to be distributed across the globe with a sustainable and high performance offer:

Motul now available for Bike enthusiasts!

All Motul Bike Care products are sustainably produced and packaged, employing biodegradable maintenance and care fluids in 100% recycled packaging.

The Cleaners have been developed with the best materials for great performance, yet non damageable for the health or the planet.

Unique formulas, with Esters that have been included in Chain Lubes for the highest protection and optimal use of the chain, whatever the conditions.

This new range answers the four most important needs for bicycle users, the essentials: degrease, clean, lubricate and preventive maintenance.

Because living passion and doing things differently is part of Motul’s DNA,  the first-ever Bike Care products range will be launched at the 2022 Valencia MotoGP™ in November.
There will be several highlights throughout the weekend engaging MotoGP™ Pilots. And that’s just the start.

Delivering the best of performance and protection will remain at the core of everything at Motul.  

Exploring new areas to expand our reach with and for enthusiasts and to participate and invent to all new form of mobilities will drive us, our Teams and our Partners.

This new range is a significant and entirely logical extension of Motul commitment and ambition. First feedback is fantastic, try it!