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Motul x MTR - 8100 Power


Motul's High-Performance Revolution - Unleashing Maximum Power with the 8100 Power Engine Oil

The Dawn of a New Era in Engine Performance - Introducing Motul's 8100 Power

Every car enthusiast knows that great performance begins from within - the heart of your precious ride, its engine. Without an optimally functioning engine, a car is merely a shell. This is why the introduction of Motul's newest marvel, the 8100 Power high-performance engine oil, has been such a game changer.

On June 17, 2023, Motul embarked on a new chapter in its renowned legacy of providing top-tier lubricants for automobiles across the globe. An exclusive event held at MTR Workshop in Kaki Bukit unveiled the 8100 Power to seven discerning car enthusiasts, each privileged to have their vehicles be among the first to experience this exceptional product.

Revolutionizing Engine Optimization - The Trailblazers of Change

This isn't just any engine oil; it's a symbol of progress and relentless pursuit for perfection. Among the lucky individuals included Horizon Drivers Club in a BMW E39, @adrianvanq in an exquisite Toyota GT86, @changgyongli in a sleek Toyota GR86, and Arthur Wong in his majestic Honda Mugen RR. Other participants drove a Lexus IS200, an Audi A5 Coupe, and a sporty Honda Integra DC5.

These proud vehicle owners had their engines fine-tuned by MTR's skilled mechanics who used the Motul 8100 Power. The result? Unparalleled performance, increased power output, and greater overall efficiency.

Going Beyond the Ordinary – Tailored for Performance Cars

The 8100 Power isn’t merely another addition to your car’s gearbox but rather an upgrade that broadens its capabilities. It caters specifically to high-performance cars aiming to deliver superior productivity while ensuring longer drain intervals. Regardless if you own one of Europe's Big Three (Beamers, Benz, or Audi) or possess classic and modern Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles, rest assured that 8100 Power will take them to previously unattainable levels of excellence.

The Ultimate Test – Track Day at Sepang International Circuit

Building upon this landmark occasion was an exclusive track day event held at Sepang International Circuit on July 2nd, 2023. Some select MTR customers partook in this adrenaline-filled activity where they got to test their machines’ potential after being optimized with Motul products.

Before setting out on the premium circuit, all vehicles received professional tune-ups using Motul's flagship 300V fully synthetic racing motor oil and newly unveiled 8100 Power engine oil. Even brake capacities were enhanced using Motul Brake Fluid—an unparalleled level of track-preparation that promised pulse-racing speeds under complete control.

Setting Performance Benchmarks with Motul's Unmatched Protection

The thrill of speed should never compromise safety—Motul knows this like no other. That’s why even as these high-performance cars set about making rubber imprints on the race tracks of Sepang International Circuit, their engines were safely cocooned within protections offered by the 8100 Power engine oil.

Raising the Performance Bar with MTR’s Expert Mechanics

The unsung heroes behind every successful track day are undoubtedly our expert mechanics. Their precise tuning before and throughout the event ensured each machine operated at peak performance levels through every twist and turn on the world-renowned circuit.

A Glorious Culmination – The Winning Edge

Pushing boundaries while ensuring maximum protection—the combined genius of Motul's innovation and MTR workshops' automotive expertise allowed participants to achieve record-breaking performances that left both drivers and spectators in awe.

To conclude this whirlwind journey marked with celebration and advances in automobile engineering, we wish to extend heartfelt gratitude towards everyone involved—our dedicated team at MTR Workshop Singapore and Motul, our incredibly supportive customer base and every car enthusiast who shares our passion for pushing performance boundaries whilst prioritizing absolute protection.

From daily commutes to thrilling track days—augment your drive with unprecedented protection and step up above ordinary driving experiences with Motul. Here’s welcoming everyone joining us on this exhilarating journey excelling standards; one drive at a time.

Remember, your vehicle yearns to run free and performs best when paired with unmatched protection against frictional wear—unleash its true potential today with Motul's groundbreaking 8100 Power engine oil!

Motul x MTR - 8100 Power