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Machining, Soluble Fluids
Product Type
Metalworking Fluids
Product Range
Industrial Products
OEM Approvals
SNECMA n°455-201-0-00 index B
Jerrycan 20 L, Drum 208 L, IBC 1000 L
Article number
108529; 108520; 108523.

STABILIS 9230 is a high performances water soluble metalworking fluid concentrate developed to answer to very severe machining operations.

STABILIS 9230 is recommended for the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Thanks to its specific additives, STABILIS 9230 is particularly suited to machine aerospace aluminium alloys, nickel and titanium.

STABILIS 9230 is compliant with SAFRAN Pr-6300 specification for Aluminum, TiAl, and Titanium parts machining.

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