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Bring out the original shine



Bring out the original shine

Seen by its most passionate fans as a way of life, the spirit of biking takes many different forms. 

Customisation involves competing in ingenuity to come up with a machine most closely reflecting your own personality. It may just involve a simple aesthetic change to the fairing, changing mechanical parts like the exhaust pipes, air filter or cylinder head. 

The choice of materials and textures is never random. Chromes and textures with a matt, polished or distressed finish are just a few more of the possibilities for transforming a series model into a unique bike. Taking care of your machine and its equipment means regular maintenance and dedicated products for each purpose.

Motul has developed a wide range of products for two-wheeled vehicle users. The range is aimed at all kinds of user and is intended to meet routine maintenance and servicing needs. It enables motorbike owners to take care of their bikes, as well as their personal gear.

The following products are particularly recommended for use on a modified motorbike:

M3 – PERFECT LEATHER: leather care cream which nourishes and protects against external damage such as abrasion or discolouration. This product has a waterproofing effect, protects against rain and extends the life of the leather.

E11 – MATTE SURFACE CLEAN: dry-cleaning spray for matte surfaces (plastics and paintwork). This product revives plastics and painted surfaces like fairings, plastics, dashboards, mudguards, bumpers and paintwork, and deposits an anti-UV protective film which is matte and dry.

E6 – CHROME & ALU POLISH: cleans, renovates and polishes tarnished chrome and aluminium parts.

E9 - WASH & WAX Spray: dry-cleans plastics and paintwork. It provides protection by leaving a protective film on the parts treated.

The Motul MC Care® range comprises numerous products to meet all your maintenance needs. They are classified according to their intended use: 

P – Maintenance of mechanical Parts
A – Maintenance of Air filter
E – External care
M – Products for Motorbike riders and their equipment
C – Maintenance of the Chain

You will find all the MC Care® products at your local Motul distributor.