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Transmission fluids
Product Range
OEM Performances
OPEL VAUXHALL 7-speed CVT, OPEL VAUXHALL HP CVTF 95529854, OPEL VAUXHALL VT40, GENERAL MOTORS CVTF I-Green2, GENERAL MOTORS VT40, GENERAL MOTORS HP CVTF 95529854, SUBARU High Torque CVTF-LV, SUBARU SOA748V0300, VW G 052 180, AUDI G 052 516, AUDI TL 52 116, MINI 83 22 0 429 154, CHERY Chery CVT, CHERY Chery WCF-1, CHRYSLER NS-2, MOPAR PARTS CVTF+4, MOPAR PARTS CVTplus4, DAIHATSU AMMIX CVTF DFE, DAIHATSU AMMIX CVT Fluid DC, DAIHATSU AMMIX CVT Fluid DFE, DAIHATSU CVT Fluid DFC, DAIHATSU Fluid TC, SUBARU i-CVTF FG, FUJIJYUKO i-CVTF FG, GENERAL MOTORS 1940713, GENERAL MOTORS 1940714, HONDA Honda Genuine CVT Fluid, HONDA Honda Ultra HEVF-Type 1, PERODUA Perodua D-CVT, SHELL SL 2100, HONDA 08200-9006, HONDA Honda Z-1 (CVT models only, without starting clutch, not for Honda Jazz & Fit MY 2001-2007), HONDA Honda CVT-F, HONDA Honda HCF-2, HYUNDAI SP III (CVT models only), KIA SP III (CVT models only), MITSUBISHI SP III (CVT models only), LEXUS Fluid TC, LEXUS Fluid FE, MAZDA JWS 3320, MINI ZF CVT V1, MITSUBISHI Dia Queen CVTF-J4+ (MMC Diaqueen CVT Fluid J4 and J4+), MITSUBISHI CVTF ECO J4, NISSAN NS-2V, NISSAN KTF-1, NISSAN N-CVT, RENAULT CVT CK/SK/FK, SEAT G 052 180, SEAT G 052 516, SUBARU ECVT, SUBARU Lineartronic chain CVT and CVT II Fluid, SUBARU Lineartronic High Torque (HT) CVT Fluid, SUBARU CV30, SUBARU K0421Y0700, SUBARU Lineartronic chain CVT 3 Fluid, SUBARU CVT III Fluid, SUZUKI CVTF TC, SUZUKI CVT Green 1V, SUZUKI CVTF 4401, ZOTYE RDCF01, ZOTYE RDCF02, ZOTYE Zotye CVTs, HYUNDAI CVT-1, KIA CVT-1, PETRONAS LUBRICANTS Tutela Car CVT N.G, AUDI Multitronic, AUDI TL 52 180, AUDI G 052 180, VW G 052 516, AUDI TL 52 516, BMW EZL 799 A, MINI COOPER EZL 799 A, BMW EZL 799, ESSO EZL 799, MINI EZL 799, BMW 83 22 0 136 376, MINI 83 22 0 136 376, BMW 83 22 0 429 154, CITROËN Elfmatic CVT, DS (CAPSA) Elfmatic CVT, ELF Elfmatic CVT, PEUGEOT Elfmatic CVT, PSA Groupe Elfmatic CVT, RENAULT Elfmatic CVT, CITROËN Elfmatic CVT MV, DS (CAPSA) Elfmatic CVT MV, ELF Elfmatic CVT MV, PEUGEOT Elfmatic CVT MV, PSA Groupe Elfmatic CVT MV, RENAULT Elfmatic CVT MV, CHRYSLER CVTF+4, DODGE CVTF+4, JEEP CVTF+4, TOYOTA CVTF 3320, SUZUKI CVTF 3320, MAZDA CVTF 3320, LEXUS CVTF 3320, DAIHATSU CVTF 3320, MOBIL CVTF 3320, DODGE NS-2, INFINITI NS-2, JEEP NS-2, NISSAN NS-2, SUBARU NS-2, SUZUKI NS-2, DODGE 05191184AA, JEEP 05191184AA, FIAT Tutela Car CVT N.G, FORD CVT23, FORD CVT30, FORD MERCON C, FORD WSS-M2C928-A, FORD WSS-M2C933-A, FORD XT-7-QCFT, SATURN DEX-CVT, HONDA HMMF (Honda Multi Matic Fluid) for CVT models only, without wet starting clutch, HONDA 08200-HCF-2, HONDA 0826099905HE, HONDA 087009006, HYUNDAI Genuine CVTF, HYUNDAI SP-CVT 1, KIA SP-CVT 1, INFINITI NS-3, NISSAN NS-3, INFINITI NS-1, NISSAN NS-1, JEEP VTF, TOYOTA TC, LEXUS CVT FE, TOYOTA CVTF FE, LIFAN Lifan CVT, MERCEDES-BENZ MB 236.20, MERCEDES-BENZ A 001 989 46 03, MG EM-CVTF, ROVER EM-CVTF, MITSUBISHI Dia Queen CVTF-J1 (MMC Diaqueen CVT Fluid J1), MITSUBISHI Dia Queen CVTF-J4, MITSUBISHI MZ313973, NISSAN 999MP-NS200P, PSA Groupe 9735 EF, PEUGEOT 9735 EF, CITROËN 9735 EF, DS (CAPSA) 9735 EF, ROVER Unipart Transmatic ATF, GENERAL MOTORS DEX-CVT, SATURN 22688912, SUBARU Lineartronic CVTF, SUBARU K0425Y0710, SUBARU CVT TR580, SUBARU CVT TR690, SUBARU iCVTF, SUBARU High Torque CVT, SUBARU Lineartronic II, SUBARU K0425Y0711, SUZUKI CVT Green 1, SUZUKI CVT Green 2, VOLVO CVTF 4959, ESSO FN1975, IDEMITSU CVTF-EX1, PUNCH CVTF-EX1, SHELL Green 1V
1 L can, 20L jerrycan
Article number

High performance synthetic Technosynthese® fluid specially engineered for Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox type.
Suitable for use in a wide range of vehicles fitted with CVT gearboxes using either chain/pulleys or belt/pulleys design.
Especially suitable for vehicles from American car makers GM, FORD, CHRYSLER,…, Asian car makers HONDA, HYUNDAI, KIA, LEXUS, INFINITI, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SUBARU, TOYOTA,... or European car makers AUDI, BMW, CITROËN, MERCEDES, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, …
Attention, not recommended for CVT unit fitting hybrid vehicles. Before use always refer to the owner manual or handbook of the vehicle.

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