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Racing Attitude

Feel the rumbling of your engine in racing mode - get the best out of your motorcycle! Experience top riding performance from the start line to the checkered flag with the Factory Line range. As you gel with your machine, your sensations are enhanced: adrenaline, thrills and confidence. Go beyond the limits. Live your passion!

ESTER Core® Technology

Over several decades, Motul has consistently improved the performance of its motorcycle lubricants by developing its own unique type of ester technology, with the latest result being the introduction of ESTER Core® technology.

ESTER Core® technology:

ESTER Core® technology combines carefully chosen esters with an optimum selection of top quality synthetic base oils coupled with an innovative additive package.

This has now allowed Motul to create the new generation of high performance racing motorcycle lubricants, which in turn offer a technical solution for standard lubricants that will fulfill all OEM recommendations.

technology guarantees:

>POWER - Reduced internal friction

>RELIABILITY - High temperature resistance and oil pressure stability

>PROTECTION - Optimised polarity for maximal adherence of the oil film

>MINIMAL OIL CONSUMPTION - Exclusive formulation of low volatility synthetic base oils

UP TO + 2.5 HP

Latest 300V vs competitors: up to + 2.5 HP. Test performed on Suzuki GSX-R 100cc racing engine.


Latest 300V vs previous 300V: +2.5 % torque increase. Test performed on Suzuki RM-Z450s MX1 engine.


FZG GEAR TESTING (ASTM D5182): Evaluation of scuffing load capacity of lubricants.

The FZG (Forschungsstelle für Zahnrader und Getriebebau) test evaluates fluid lubricating and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears. The gears are operated at 1450 rpm through 12 progressive load stages (max load of 534.5 Nm) at 15 minute intervals with a fluid temperature stabilized at 90°C (194°F).

For additional performance, two extended stages have been checked to go up to stage 14 with a torque of 714.2 Nm. Gear teeth are inspected after each load stage for scu ing, to visually detect scratches on the pinions. Lubricants are then graded based on their “Failure Load Stage” or FLS rating from FLS 1 (very poor result) up to FLS 14 (outstanding result).

This test checks if adequate lubrication film thickness has been built between the gears for gearbox reliability.