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Stunt demonstrations exist to wow the public but require regular training. We went along to interview Marat Kankadze, the most famous Russian stunt rider. 

— Marat, how did you begin your career?

— I've always liked sport and motorcycles. I had my first scooter very young, then a Jawa, a CZ, a Riga... I won my first prizes on mini-bikes, but didn't begin stunt till 30 years old.

— How did you discover this sport?

— On videos. It was a popular sport in the United States and Europe, then in Russia. It was perfect for me, so I started to train.

— Have you devoted a lot of time to sports?

— I've been fond of sports ever since very little. I studied at sport school, swam competitively... I learnt to work alone and as part of a team. When I began stunt riding I had already opened in 2004, with friends, a motorcycle school, and that helped me a lot. I had a training ground, mechanics, tools... I made rapid progress and, after a year and a half, gave my first demonstrations in 2005.

— In stunt, you have to modify your bike. What else is important?

— High quality lubricants of course. My Yamaha WR 450's engine has worked 800 hours! I change Motul 300V oil every 20 hours and obtain excellent results. During these 800 hours I've had no technical problem. 

— A short while ago you were at Intermot, in Germany. What were your impressions?

— It was superb. The visitors told us: 'We thought the Germans were the best, and you surprised everyone!' Given the high level of demonstrations I think we were the best. I'm pleased I was able to go there with my team-mates Yuri Verkhovnikov and Valery Kulesha, in our Legend Stunt Team.