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MotulTech launches a new range of water-based cleaners: SAFKLEEN


MotulTech launches a new range of water-based cleaners: SAFKLEEN

MotulTech launches a new range of water-based cleaners: SAFKLEEN



During their manufacture, machined parts are in contact with various types of fluids and greases, the residues of which must be eliminated: this is an essential prerequisite for the correct progress of the following operations, until delivery to the customer. Manufacturers must therefore ensure an irreproachable surface condition, while preserving the safety of their operators.

It is this dual objective that guided the MotulTech teams for the launch of SAFKLEEN, a new range of cleaning products. These aqueous-phase detergents make it possible to reconcile very efficient cleaning of parts and the increased demands of users for the respect of the environment and safety at work.

The SAFKLEEN range thus represents a real high performance alternative to solvent-based cleaning products.

SAFKLEEN products, formulated without boron, provide solutions for a large number of applications and processes.

A wide range of features are offered to users:

  • Compatibility with all types of metals and all types of application
  • Cold use for substantial energy savings
  • Low tendency to foam
  • Anti-corrosion protection including at low concentrations
  • Resistance to the development of bacteria and fungi

The SAFKLEEN range thus offers a wide choice of solutions, and includes 6 different products including a specific offer for the fasteners market.

The latter includes a detergent for the dephosphatation of parts before quenching and a detergent for intermediate cleaning after quenching and tempering. Fastener manufacturers thus have a comprehensive solution for cleaning their parts, in addition to THERMIC quenching oils and UNIVERSELLE cold forging oils from the MotulTech range.

But MotulTech's commitment does not stop with the supply of products: its teams are on the ground, working with each manufacturer, to support it in choosing the solutions that are best suited to its production and its expectations.