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Corporate Social Responsibility: Motul Corazon

Corporate Social Responsibility: Motul Corazon

Pushing beyond also involves thinking of the future, what it will be made of, who will change it, how will they change it. In response, Motul created Motul Corazon: a Foundation that brings opportunities to young teenagers worldwide, enabling them to surpass constraints.

Mr. Michel Rivoire, President of Motul Corazón From supporting the teaching of teenagers the art of mechanical artisanship through the NGO Bambini NEL Deserto's Garage Italia in Burkina Faso, and Project Pescar in South America, to backing the educational climbing training programs built by the NGO Skateistan in Afghanistan, Motul Corazon sponsors projects on every corner of the globe. Most importantly, Motul Corazon goes further than many: it passes forth the opportunity to these teenagers to craft their own lives. Involvement is what Motul brings, ingenuity is what the world wins