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Company Culture

Motul Group Quality Statement

Motul targets a special place within the Automotive and Mechanical Industries, supported by a combative, strategic, international and sustainable growth, going head to head with key global players as waypoints. Independently-minded with people at the very heart of its drive for excellence, Motul designs and provides to its customers and partners with admirable maintenance products and solutions that fully meet their expectations. By keeping its promises to provide a desirable brand, primarily promoted through motor sports and premium spheres, Motul rewards its carefully selected groups of customers with a profitable share of its fame.  

Motul, as a manufacturing company which has historically focussed on the quality of the lubricants which it distributed globally, made the decision at an early stage to put in place the framework necessary to achieve the accreditation of its quality systems to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 and TS 16949 standards. 

The quality principles, whilst retaining a human dimension and being strongly focused on Customer Satisfaction are founded in the joint principles of Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.

Based on these guiding principles and convinced of the adding value of carrying these Certifications it was decided to integrate Lescot into the Motul certification process for the first time in February 2017. This is the first step towards the ultimate objective of a Group certification.

Comprising seven Strategic Processes these principles form the basis of an ambitious development plan covering more than one hundred markets. The Members of the Comex, the “Offer Committee”, the  « Industrial Committee », the « Digital Committee » and of the « Technology & Sourcing Committee »  drive the evolution of the Group’s organisation and the adaptation of its quality system to the requirements of the new versions of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Because Motul continues to be convinced that its values can only be fully justified if the ability exists to exercise them, the design and implementation of the organisation and its structures and systems are developed with the consistent ambition to bring together people, ideas and data at all stages of the process to demonstrate improvement and justify those core values.

Guaranteeing the values of Motul and responsible for the implementation of its strategy, I personally undertake, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to ensure the continuity and quality of our investments with the objective of satisfying our Customers and our Business Partners and all the applicable requirements whilst giving to all the employees the means to help the Company find its special place.    

Hervé Amelot              

(Motul President)

Motul Group Quality Statement