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Kawasaki Lime Green

The Kawasaki Lime Green Edition by Motul 10W-40 was developed in partnership with Kawasaki and is specially tailored to the needs of Kawasaki motorcycles. It provides reliable protection for the engine and transmission and allows smooth shifting

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The oil is a 4-stroke engine oil based on Motul-Technosynthese® with ESTER technology. In addition to a high wet clutch compatibility, the new oil offers excellent gear wear protection and thus ensures a long service life as well as rapid oil penetration during a cold start. It also has the Kawasaki Lime Green color and the matching lime smell.

Motul wrote his own story from it. The perfume.

"In order to further intensify our partnership we developed a motorcycle oil together with Kawasaki especially for the high performance standards and the brand preferences of Kawasaki riders", says Armin Bolch, Managing Director Motul Germany. "The individual formulation was particularly important to us, because above all we wanted to give Kawasaki fans even more fun with their motorcycles."